Journey of Nass Media

Nass Media came into existence due to the need of pure creativity towards businesses hustling to grow in a market full of harsh competition to stand out & make a place for themselves & uproot a reach by branding them to the targeted audience. Nass Media is a sister company of Nass Technologies & mainly focuses on creativity with already been setting the stakes very high by fusing innovation & brand to drive out the growth. Branding services in Nagpur expresses what an organization stands for with all the aspects of its business. Innovations provide new signature experiences through creativity to meet customer requirements & needs.

Nass Media focuses on connecting branding & creativity in an innovative mannerism to create value & assure its growth.Nass Media is the best Digital Marketing Company that manage your social channels and grasp a catchy Graphic Designing post for them to attract the audience and market your brand.

Nass Media consists a team of creative people having creative mindsets & thought processes with a well-maintained optimistic perspective.

We are a Team of Experts

Atif Ali Atif Ali

Atif Ali

Brand Manager

Fiza Rehman Fiza Rehman

Fiza Rehman

HR & Admin

Amim Altaf Baig Amim Altaf Baig

Amim Altaf Baig

Project Coordinator

Our Team

Always ready to help you

Jaesha Khuldebary Jaesha Khuldebary

Jaesha Khuldebary

Digital Marketing Executive

Ameena Ahmad Ameena Ahmad

Ameena Ahmad

Jr Developer

Zubair Sheikh Zubair Sheikh

Zubair Sheikh

Digital Marketing Executive

Yaseen Sheikh Yaseen Sheikh

Yaseen Sheikh

Help & Support

How We Work

Branding Power

Harness the power of branding to transform your business as you deserve more customers, sales & growth. The problem is if you keep doing whatever you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting whatever you were getting. You should know that you need effective branding techniques to attract & grasp the customers you deserve.

Magical Techniques

Every time a new brand enjoins us we do the case study of it to every extent possible for getting the fair & complete insights priorly. Currently, there are 25+ clients we’ve been partners with.
We’ve creative & magical branding techniques that have helped numerous clients from dozens of industries from online to offline, B2B to B2C, wholesale to retail in transforming their businesses & achieving their desired goals.

Ultimate Aim

Post studying & analyzing the accurate graphs of the brand we construct a branding technique to fit client’s requirements & needs perfectly. Post execution of those techniques the outcome is the pillar on which the further campaign rests upon & again the client feedback is another pillar for the same. To us, satisfactory service providing is everything & our ultimate aim.
The application of these imaginative opinions & execution is been adjusted accordingly to get image of the brand a finest outlook by creating an out-standing appearance for it.

Technologies we work with

  • html

  • css

  • SEO

  • SMM

  • SMO


  • jquery

  • react.js

  • wordpress

  • coreldraw

  • photoshop

  • illustration

We comprise of a strong team of professionals having several years of experience in networking, developing and providing high value software solutions and consultancy to clients worldwide.
Contain a well defined systematic approach to the evaluation of quality and adherence to standards, procedures and processes. Compliance with laid down standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation and audits which helps in configuration management. All processes are well documented in pre-defined formats. Stringent standards for design and code are maintained throughout the development process.

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Motion Design
  • Graphic Design

Why Work With Nass Media

Brand Story Nass Media

Nass Media crucially focuses on creativity over every path of the challenges it encounters while meeting the requirement of clients cause creativity is the only thing nowadays which has the potential to make or break the scenario for the Top Branding Agencies.
We try to grope every pinch of conveyed imagination while dealing with our clients to satisfy the core motive of branding.
While dealing with our clients we especially try to understand wholly the ultimate desired outcome for which they have approached us & to help them reach the same.
Thus, centering the ultimate cause of branding with fusing creativity in it, Nass Media strengthens the image of the brand with an attested story of it & works persistently for betterment of our clients ideally & satisfactorily.

Fine Folks We’ve Worked With